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New Google Earth, see the world in 3D with interactive stories

Google today unveiled its new version of Google Earth for the web version and Android. A new version of the application in which the Moutain View have worked during the last two years and adds new features, options and features that will make more easy and attractive the chance to explore the places in the world.

The new functions are now available in the web version of Google Earth in the Google Chrome browser and through an update on Android that will be coming this week. Soon you will reach the rest of browsers and operating systems so that all users can access the new content.

Among the options of the new Google Earth becomes Voyager. A function that allows access to interactive guides for which has benefited from historians and scientists and allow more details on virtually anywhere. At the moment there are more than 50 stories about places in the world such as the Gombe National Park (Tanzania) or the Sesame Street (Mexico). Continue to adding stories of weekly and the catalogue will increase with new places and explanations to travel the world with guides.

Google Earth

The 3D also has space in the new version as different layers have been included so that you may know monuments and places with every little detail, from any angle, and so that you don’t miss any view of their prospects.

If you don’t know what you want to visit, the new Google Earth provides the option “I’m feeling lucky“, which will take you to a random site. Among more than 20,000 options and places you can end up anywhere in the world to know places you didn’t know existed or why you’ve never interested. Once you’ve gone to the place, there will be information through a card and you can see their history, what happened, curiosities and also photographs. In addition, if you like any of the options you out especially, you can click to go to related places.

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If you find any landscape or place that you too, like to remind you something, you want to share, you can do so. You can share with your Android location that you are exploring and your friends can click and go to the same site. So you can relive that trip years ago or plan a new experience at a given site.

But Google knows that if something is done all in Earth is to search our House. Our houses and ourfriends. Why has also launched a new section called: this is home. A section that takes you walk through houses from around the world, showing you new cultures, traditions and customs. You can see different houses according to the country that you go and discover new homes to the app start adding them.

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The new Google Earth article, discover the world in 3D with interactive stories was published in AndroidAyuda.

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