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New Chromecast Ultra, official features of this 4K device

The new Chromecast Ultra has already been presented officially and we have already been able to confirm all the technical characteristics of this, but the truth is that we already knew much of what came with it. We now know that the keys to this are an improvement in the quality and in the performance of the device, connectivity through Ethernet cable, and 4 K resolution support, and the HDR.

New Chromecast Ultra: 4K and HDR

The great novelty of this new Chromecast Ultra, and what it does differentiate is of the previous Chromecast, is mainly the resolution of high level with which is compatible. And it is that now not only longer compatible with Full HD resolution, but also it will be lto 4 K resolution. By the way, Google has wanted to make it clear that Google Play Movies will start to have contained in 4K from the month of November. Other platforms also count, or even have already with some content in 4 K, although the great problem is that not are many them content available, and therefore, nor are too many them users with a television with this resolution. However, Google knows that has that fix is already in the future if want that their contents arrive to them users. On the other hand, Chromecast Ultra also supports video in HDR. In this case, it is compatible with both types of HDR more popularity taking, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Chromecast Ultra

More powerful and with new design

Besides it earlier, the new Chromecast Ultra also arrives with improvements in that regard to the performance of the device. And more specifically, speak of a better processor, capable of get a performance of 1.8 times the of the previous Chromecast, something logical if have in has that going to have that work with content a resolution top. But in addition to this, Chromecast Ultra comes also with a new design, very similar to the of the last Chromecast, circular, although with a finished bright. By the way, this new version also supports Ethernet connections, thanks to which we can achieve a higher connection speeds, making it ideal both for users having problems with the WiFi, and for users who want to 4K and requiring a faster connection.

More expensive

Of course, that the arrival of a device with the name Ultra also implies having to spend more money to get it. In particular, should be 79 euros spent in the new Chromecast Ultra. This means having to spend twice that of Chromecast, and everything for superior image quality. Obviously, if we have a TV in 4 K might be interesting, but this is the main difference between a version and the other. Whatever it is, it is also true that it is one of the cheaper devices that Google has presented today, the day of release of the Google Pixel, so it will also be one that will get more attention by the facility to acquire it.

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