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Networks WiFi of use measured, what is this function of Android and why it is so useful?

Android has a function in Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is called as “Measured use WiFi networks”. It is a feature, for example, not present on the iPhone or the iPad, and that is really useful. Now, what is and why is it so useful? And more importantly, how it is possible that you have not come before?

Sharing Internet

Although it is possible that we have a connection to the mobile Internet in each of our smartphones and tablets, it is also possible that we have these and have hired a single mobile line which is that we use with our smartphone. Of this form, when are going to connect others mobile or are going to connect others tablets, what we do is share Internet of our mobile with these other devices. However, there is a key problem, or there was until now.  We share that network by WiFi. The other device, the tablet or the mobile, is connects to this network as if outside a connection WiFi, by what acts equal that if were connected to a network domestic unlimited and of band wide, updating applications, downloading data in second flat, and until may update the smartphone. This is a mistake, because the connection is actually mobile. So comes the option of “Measured use WiFi networks”.

Restricciones de red

This option it found in settings, in the first section of connectivity, in the option use of data. By clicking in the upper right corner we can access the configuration of data usage, and here you will find the option of network restrictions. All WiFi networks that we have saved in your mobile phone can be activated on the WiFi networks of measured use, aimed at that, although WiFi networks, the mobile act with them as if it were WiFi networks in which restricts automatic connections, thus avoiding the consumption of data in these networks as if they were standard networks. Of this form, we can connect us to a network WiFi, can “tell you” to our mobile that actually not is a network WiFi unlimited. An interesting feature that should have been present for much more time on mobiles and tablets, but is grateful that it is now available.

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