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Netflix offline is here: films and series offline

Netflix has just announced the availability of official of one of the most anticipated features for video service in streaming, Netflix offline. Now already we can see movies and series without connection Internet, downloading them directly on your mobile phone or tablet, thanks to its Android app.

Netflix offline

After many months in which users asked for the possibility of downloading films and series to see them offline Spotify-style music, Netflix confirmed that this possibility would be a reality, although he did not speak or what would be, nor of when it would arrive. Today it officially announces the availability of this function, which will finally give us the possibility to watch movies and series without connection to the Internet.

Logotipo de Netflix

Available only for apps on Android and iOS

That Yes, we must tell the user which can use Netflix offline will be those using Android and iOS applications, and in the latest version. That is, users of Mac, Windows, or any other operating system, not can download movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

How to download movies and TV shows to view offline on Netflix

Obviously, to be able to download movies and TV shows it will be necessary to have the latest version of the application, which will be available soon, throughout the day today, and have a connection to the Internet at the time of discharge. Now we just have to go to the movie or series that we want, and look for the button that indicates the discharge, with a vertical arrow pointing down, and a bar under this. The typical icon that we have in all the services.

That Yes, not all the series and movies will be available for download. Problems of distribution with the producers, only some of the titles available to download offline. If they have this icon to download, you can download. But in addition, there will be a specific section in which we will find only movies and TV shows available for offline viewing to Internet, so that it is possible to easily find content which we can download to see when we are offline.

Finally one of the novelties that we were waiting for Netflix, and that will help the service to compete with rivals that were coming, and that now will have a disadvantage with respect to the platform that seems to dominate.

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