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Neither mobile nor wearables, a market a little decaffeinated

Good going, because someone has to say it. Not is being one of the best years in the world of the technology, or at least in the world of them devices mobile. While some large releases itself have been remarkable, not are seeing mobile that we offer something that of truth is revolutionary. And you have to go many years ago to see a mobile phone with a real novelty. Along with this we have a few wearables that besides not being autonomous, does not seem to be really useful. Us is a market a little decaffeinated.

Or the mobile…

We promise cameras best. But there is a reality, and is physical. Without larger sensors, no larger objectives, it is impossible to get more light, or get more detail on a picture. While we have a mobile and compare it to a level camera, we have a device that fails to capture photos of great level. The same applies to other innovations that have been coming to the world of mobile phones. Already in resolutions very superior to that we can perceive with the eye human. Designs that seem novel and have their own shortcomings. Metal, is aboya. Glass is broken. To the end the mobile not are very different of them of makes some years. More powerful, capable of run best apps, but would for what?, to then succeed them apps more simple and them more minimalist, them ideas that are capable of use a concept simple and take it to another level. Mobile phones do not have surprised us this year, because they have reached their ceiling, simply.

Asus ZenWatch 3 Dorado

.. .and the wearables

But is that the way that follow them wearables nor is being which expected ago years. Yes, it is true that more and more are sold, they are being a so-called revolution in the market. Samsung talks about 5.5 million wearables sold for the full year. That’s great. The problem is that, even so, are very few, and which are sold are little useful. Not substitute to the smartphone, are as second screen of our mobile. And in that situation, not are nothing interesting. And much less the price that are. Each time are more expensive, but does not include nearly best functions, but only designs more care, own of watches traditional, while its life useful is infinitely more short.

Thus, a somewhat decaf market is left us. Perhaps it will take a year that comes to have something really interesting to buy. We’ll see if at least watches the coming year get to be something more akin to revolutionary devices that we hope.

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