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My 5 c Xiaomi confirms features and own processor Pinacore

Xiaomi goes to continue throwing smartphones and even can expect some new phone smart before end this year 2016. In particular, we still have to see would be the Xiaomi my 5 c, a simplified version of the flagship of this year, which would be mid-range, and that would be the first to have the own of the Chinese company, the Pinacoreprocessor. Now the Xiaomi my 5 c confirms features techniques.

Xiaomi my 5 c

He Xiaomi my 5 c will be one of them moving more interesting of this year. He smartphone will be a novelty even within the catalogue of Xiaomi, while it company already has released a great amount of mobile very different and seems impossible that the smartphone can be novel and innovative. But yes it is going to be, basically because the Xiaomi my 5 c will highlight by a thing, and is by count with a processor designed by the own company, and that until now is has known as Pinacore. The processor of the smartphone will be of eight nuclei with a Cortex-A53 architecture. It will reach a frequency of 2.2 GHz, and will be the next big thing in this mobile.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

His name does justice to the characteristics of the mobile. It will be more basic than the 5 Mi Xiaomi, although it will retain some keys. Most basic because it will have some features of mid-range as a 12 megapixel main camera and a front 8 megapixelcamera. But it will remain similar to the high end by having new features as fingerprint reader integrated into the glass. The front will be occupied by the screen, which will not have nearly bezels, and 5.5inch.

Finally, one might highlight that the smartphone will be also with a memory RAM of 3 GB, as well as with a memory internal of 64 GB, and all this while the phone smart not will have a price very high, but the mobile could reach a price of ones $145, being therefore very economic.

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