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More news of the Galaxy S8: Bixby will not only be

And is that although one of the major proposals of Samsung with the Galaxy S8 was Bixby, his new Intelligent Assistant, seems to be the hallmark of these new terminals, the Korean company knows that you just come to this particular market and, at the moment, will take advantage and will also include in their terminals the new or refurbished Google Assistant.

Intelligent movement of Samsung that will premiere a new virtual assistant, Bixby, but does not want to leave users to only this new Artificial Intelligence. It is therefore that, although it seems that the work done by the Korean is remarkable, is still a long way to go that they have to walk several years other companies like Apple or Google.

Samsung chooses the smart choice

So has decided that the S8 Galaxy, although they have this included “personality”, will share floor with other artificial intelligence that is in Android, Google Assistant. For the time being, and although it seems that Bixby does a similar job, is clear that users are interested and the Google proposal like what Samsung has taken the smart way and until your IA is more “ready”, also offer the appeal of having the Android officer to a finger’s distance.

bixby samsung

Bixby will share space with Google Assistant and other AI if we wish

It is similar to the Microsoft proposal long ago with Cortana, who decided he wanted to take it to other platforms like iOS and Android, not to attract people to Windows Mobile, that is dead and buried by the company – though they still said that they could retake it over time, but the prospects are not very flattering. The reason, as in the case of Samsung is that people can compare how their IA systems and, above all, win his favor not only to attract users to its platform, but to get the data from them.

Let us remember that these artificial intelligences that make is to “learn” from us. Over time each time they accumulating more and more data about our tastes, habits and ways of doing things. It may seem that they make it free but not so, we pay with our data. Choice of one or another attendee (or none) is also a personal decision of which company it will give our data and with laws like that is being developed in the U.S. with them that will have every right in the world to sell things as our search history… is an issue that we must weigh.

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