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More images of the so-called Moto X 2017 of Lenovo

With almost all the large bumpers range already presented this 2017, there are still certain companies that have not disclosed what its terminal star. While we wait for an imminent announcement of Xiaomi, it is also true that Lenovo has not even said this mouth is mine and we have only known their mid-range so far. In the last hours it has leaked some images of what would be the Moto X 2017 of the Chinese company, but they are much less dubious.

The truth is that in the case of Lenovo with the old terminals that had the mark of Motorla, yet nothing is known and today have been several leaked images on the Internet that would be the Moto X 2017 of Lenovo, the next great company terminal.

Let’s start with what you see and then… will hesitate a bit of the veracity of these images while in Slashleaks give a ‘100% ‘ confidence. In them you can see ahead and behind the new terminal of Lenovo who repeat point-by-point the current Moto X Design.

moto x 2017

Images Moto X 2017 interesting but somewhat suspicious

And it is that this is what actually we Flake and makes us doubt. It is too “equal” and there are details that smell too much like Photoshop. The first is the most prominent, the dual camera. And it is a double lens can be seen in the circle who now picks up only one of them. It is not that it is not physically possible, but the appearance of that area of the image is very suspicious. Well indeed that this coincides with other leaks that have been seen recently but continues to be both one and another suspect. We reserve the skepticism again.

moto x 2017

Then before we have another detail for eyebrow arching and is that long ago that Lenovo has ‘killed’, by active and passive, “Motorola” brand. Therefore, until now a mobile phone that has a text that indicates that it is a property of this brand… is almost impossible since it should put Lenovo in any case.

Regarding the characteristics which are known, or are, so far, would be the presence of a 5.5-inch screen that we don’t know that quality would be next to a surprising 625 Snapdragon with 3 GB of memory and 32 GB of storage, an equipment away from the Snapdragon 835 and similar to having the high range this year. That suggests that Lenovo aims more to offer a cheaper terminal within the so-called “high range”.

With all the doubts that lift us these images stayed until following leaks to see if our fears are confirmed or, even better, it shows that we were wrong.

More images of the so-called Moto X 2017 of Lenovo article was published in AndroidAyuda.

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