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More details of the Samsung Galaxy S8, your battery this time

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be one mobile phones of the year, and since then, the most anticipated at this time because it aspires to be in the great relief of the S7 Galaxy which was so successful last year. Continue to receive details of the mobile. The past have to do with your battery, that they give us an idea of autonomy which will have the smartphone, and confirm that they come two versions.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Continue arriving them details of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that us allow go defining how will be the phone smart when is release to the market. The latest data have to do with your battery, 3,250 mAh for the most basic version of the mobile. A capacity which is far from the 4,000 mAh which reach some other smartphones on the market, but it could be enough. There are that have several factors in account. One of them is that the ships have features so advanced that it is essential that there is space inside for heat sinks and other high level components that we don’t see in Mobile’s basic range, such as modules for high-quality camera. Besides this, there is that think that even so is is of a battery of a capacity superior to the of the previous Samsung Galaxy S7, by what will exist an improves that will be important.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Nor should we forget the fact that the smartphone with an AMOLED screen, which consumes less power when the LEDs must be black.

And finally, not must nor remove relevance to the made of that the battery was the problem of the last Galaxy Note 7, and by that will be one of the components in that is focus the high level of quality.

Galaxy S8 Plus with more battery

The data also tell us that there will be a second version of the phone, with a great display, being largest, and of course, consuming more energy. To compensate, the battery would also be more capacity, reaching the 3,750 mAh. Even so, chances are that we find ourselves with a range of one day with a normal-intensivo use. We also require an external battery for charging devices when we are going to use them more or go travel without charging them and going them to much use. Even we could get to something more than one day in mode saving of energy.

Whatever it is, it will be in March when will officially present the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Galaxy and when we can confirm these specifications.

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