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More details of the project HTC Ocean: will be three the first models

The project HTC Ocean is serious. This is the work that is conducting the Taiwanese company to get a differential user interface, and that allows you to attract a good number of users (especially those who don’t give usoa buttons). The case, is that it have known more data concerning this development. You them have.

Although not known much regard to what will finally be HTC Ocean, it seems quite clear that what is sought with this project is to get devices that not integrate button one or in the side or in the part front , for in this way that everything runs through the use of the touchscreen and gestures. That is, something that could be expected at first from Apple – the great longing of Steve Jobs–but that is this company which appears is closer to the necessary so that these ea.

So Ocean is the new concept phone which works HTC

The case is that to achieve this will be a new version of the user interface from HTC, called Sense Touch, which will offer a very advanced performance in the above mentioned conditions of absence of buttons and, therefore, its good performance will largely depend on its success. And, if you hold the dimensions of quality than the current version, which is the best that there is, you have to be optimistic.

HTC Ocean con Sense Touch

Three models of HTC Ocean

Because these are the new data that is have known, since not is knew nothing of if would be one or more them devices that has thought HTC put in the market that will be part of the mentioned project. And, as we have said, the bet will be very strong and attack to the three segments of the market (entry, middle and high range). The names are as follows: Ocean Master, Note Ocean and Ocean Smart, by what we speak of a new range of product which can give the lace to the current company.



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HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, so is this mid-range with 5.5 inch

The truth is that even though it is not in the best moment of its history, the Taiwanese manufacturer is quite active, with models like the 10 Desire that have been announced lately, and especially due to the manufacture of the Pixel in Google. But as stopping the machinery is not desired, the HTC Ocean project is chosen to give a “rudder stroke” in the company, which is necessary and that hopefully have its fruits (needed, it must be said).

More HTC Ocean project data item: three will be the first models was published in AndroidAyuda.

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