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Mobile phones encourage the purchase of cameras, although it seemed otherwise

It seemed that because of mobile phones, the camera market was losing much share. And in the last ten years has been if we take as reference data of digital cameras only. However, that is not a sign that the market of the cameras is dying because of mobile phones, but that simply, users now have different interests.

Goodbye to the compact

Yes is true that the market of them cameras digital has fallen in the last ten years, something that coincides precisely with the boom of them smartphones as devices capable of capture photographs. With the passage of time, and the improvement of mobile phone cameras, the truth is that today many users believe that they no longer need a higher-level camera to capture pictures. And it true is that is real, you can get photos very good with them mobile. However, this what has made is go finishing with them sales of them cameras compact, or the cameras “point-and-shoot”, those cameras that bought them users to take photos and have memories, but that not had a special hobby by the world of the photography. These are the cameras that are now sold much less. In fact, not only is sold a lot less, but also practically already not be sold. Manufacturers already almost do not sell cameras of this type, so you take completely for granted that there is no space in the market for these.

Canon 1300D Camara

DSLR still have success

However, although it still watching in the market a fall in them cameras digital, it true is that them cameras digital it include all. Earlier, cameras and DSLR. But if isolate them sales of these last, we see that has happened it otherwise. I.e., that is sell still more cameras DSLR of which is sold makes years. I.e., to the contrary of what is thought, them mobile not are guilty of that the users purchase less cameras of photos of high level. These cameras not only is still selling, but now is sold even more, and seems that the mobile also are them responsible of that now is band a greater amount of cameras of this type. Why?

More DSLR by the mobile

And is that really is very reasonable thinking that now is sold more cameras DSLR by fault of them mobile. But, do not assume that thanks to mobile phones we can dispense with the cameras? No, actually not is that what is happening in the market. But rather to the contrary. Thanks to them smartphones, those users are developing a hobby by the photography that is limit in the cameras mobile. I.e. they see mobile cameras are not enough to continue to make progress in the world of smartphones, and that’s why what happen to buy a DSLR camera. Normally an of them of level of input, as could be a Canon 1300 d, or a Nikon D3400, but in other cases cameras of a level higher. The consequence logical is that after acquiring an of these cameras, the following step is buy a camera of a level top, of a range more high. I.e. users who had never been capturing photographs, begin to take pictures with your mobile phone, and end up buying photographic equipment of quality have been a fan of the world of photography. That means that the market from the cameras, away from dying, will continue to grow, especially in relation to high-level cameras. How much better is the camera, more likely has to survive the rise of mobile phones.

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