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MIUI 8 will bring performance improvements to the Xiaomi

MIUI 8 is one of the updates more expected by users of Xiaomi because they may finally have a renewal of interface and a firmware based on a new version of the operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat. One of the most interesting features that will help us improve the performance of mobile phones with Xiaomi.

More than a facelift

While the arrival of mobiles with Xiaomi MIUI 8 represents the arrival of a new version of the operating system Android for mobile phones of the Chinese company, and therefore a renewal in the interface of the operating system. However, that is not what most draws us attention in the new update, but some technical improvements which we will see in the mobile company. Specifically, a feature that has been incorporated into the new update is Qualcomm MpDecision Service.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Versiones

An improvement in performance with MIUI 8

This service has been developed by Qualcomm and is responsible for choosing what the processor cores enable on each time for each of the tasks in such a way that optimizes the performance of it when it is necessary to obtain the maximum power, as well as to save energy when no is necessary to both performance and a lower amount of processor cores can be used.

At the moment, we do not know if this service will be included in all ROMs based on MIUI 8 for mobiles Xiaomi, if it will be only available for Xiaomi Mi 5, which is where we have already seen that this function is executed, or if it will be in all mobiles of the Chinese company with a Qualcomm processor , which are many, but not all.

To determine this last will have to wait because at the moment only we have the data that come with the Beta for my Xiaomi MIUI 8 5, based on Android 7 Nougat, and although News keep coming, we don’t know if all of them are available for all mobile phones which will be updated to the new version of the operating system.

MIUI 8 item will bring performance improvements to the Xiaomi was published in AndroidAyuda.

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