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Millions of Android users affected by malware in roleplaying

& Use guides of games to make you easier to get different levels not always is a good idea. You can cost dearly. CheckPoint security experts ensure that two million Android devices have been affected with malware in the Store Play Google games guides.

According to CheckPoint, 2 millions of Android users have been victims of malware downloaded by mistake on Google Play. The malware has been reported after having affected, initially, to 600.00 users. It’s a software named FalseGuide that was hidden in more than 40 applications Guide for games that were in the Google Play Store and who has used the success of games like FiFA Mobile or Pokémon Go to get thousands of downloads and attack millions of devices.

The applications were loaded in the app store since November 2016 and have managed to be hidden until the 24th of April, that the researchers of CheckPoint discovered this attack. Some of the malicious applications have been installed between 50.0000 and 100,000 times… In total, it is estimated that the virus has come to affect more than 2,000,000 of Android devices thanks to Games like FIFA or Pokemon Gosuccess guides, being more than forty.

Malware works installing silent bots on the devices affected advertising purposes. When you install guide, asks permission for phone management and malware registers itself in a cloud messaging service. Once installed can access downloads on the infected device. It is not an attack on the phone itself but that you would participate to the phone of DDoS attacks, for example. Attacks on phones to be used for one attack more, to web servers, with millions of resources.

Malwae en guias de juegos

Protect yourself from malware

Before downloading a guide or any other type of application, to be protected from this malware, it is important to get only reliable applications markets. In addition, it is advisable to take into account the permissions that requested the application when we go to install it and consider whether or not they are logical. In the case of a guide that is going to help with a gameit would have to apply for any permit on your phone, and much less on the administration of the same.

The million Android users affected by malware in roleplaying article was published in AndroidAyuda.

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