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Meizu X, when you combine the Galaxy S7 with Honor 8

Meizu X It could be the next big smartphone of the firm, and would come with several very striking features. But the last details that know of the mobile have that see with their design than with them features technical. And is that with the images that have now arrived, we can see that the smartphone features a design that looks like a combination of the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Honor 8.

A mobile with a great design

First saw a photograph in which were watching the rear section of the smartphone, in a version of blue color, and that was its dual camera and fingerprint reader, as well as the fact that the rear housing would be glass. Smart phone stands out, with a design very similar to Honor 8 with regards to its rear section. And so because so much color that arrives, which is blue, as for your dual camera, mobile seems a lot the second brand of Huaweismartphone.

Meizu X

But today has released an image in which we see the front section of the Meizu X, and in this case we see that the resemblance of the Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile is high, with the main Home button under the screen, which reminds us of much of the South Korean company mobile fingerprint reader, but it could only be a smart button then the fingerprint reader would be in the rear section of the screen.

Meizu X Azul Frontal

Meizu X

In regards to the rest of the technical characteristics of the Meizu X, we find a mobile that will feature a processor MediaTek helium X 20 ten core, and that will come in two different versions with respect to his memory. One of them will have an RAM of 4 GB and a 64 GB internal memory, while the other version will be 6 GB RAMand 128 GB of internal memory. Thus, we can say that it will be a smartphone of the highest range and with characteristics of a high standard.

The Meizu X will be presented the week coming, same November 30, and will be then when we confirm the rest of technical features that are still very relevant, as the case of the screen, its resolution, and dual camera is which will have. Likewise, is expected that the price of the smartphone ronde 300 euros, so it would be a mobile with a remarkably affordable price.

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