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Meizu Super mCharge as fast to load a smartphone

Increase the amperage of the batteries is something that is not particularly simple model that does not have a very high thickness. And, for the moment, what has been developed to enhance the experience for use in smartphones in what has to do with the autonomy is the inclusion of fast charging. As well, has been Mobile World Congress 2017 a new technology, Meizu Super mCharge, that you have more interesting options.

This development has been designed couple get a full 20-minute rechargetime, so we are talking about the best of what has been so far. And we say, since we have been witnesses in the first one-on-one how a model of the company – of which we have not known the amperage of the battery which includes-, which has reached 100% in that time. An excellent mark and is all a lifeline for more than one.

By the way, that do not use accessories that are very different from the usual (although Yes Meizu Super mCharge-compatible), and Asian company has indicated very strong so sobrecalentamient problems there is noor – not exceeding 38 degrees – since is has used technology to prevent them, as for example Driven Safety controlling the transmission of energy to make it stable.

Meizu Super mCharge

MCharge details

Something to keep in mind is that apart from the improvement of the transmission of power, optimized efficiency achieved that it is situated in the 98% that manages to overcome the leading technologies of the market as a Quick Charge (89%) or VOCC (95%). And all this needs some special items such as cables that support transmission of up to 160 watts – but compatible with standard USB type C – and a new electromechanical Celtic allowing greater output power or which are not hindered with the passage of time (this will have to confirm this).

The truth is that the times we have seen are really good, as it shows that they will reach 85% in about fifteen minutes. A qualitative leap that we will see if exporting to other brands and, truth, making that Meizu Super mCharge is an interesting technology and will highlight the products of the company – but with restrictions on support.

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