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Meizu Pro 7: Titanium, 8 GB RAM, screen 4K, is a mobile real?

They are the features that will, in theory, the Meizu Pro 7, according to the latest information. If we look at each of them, we could say that it is impossible that a smartphone has those characteristics, because it would improve all the others that are on the market. But it seems that indeed, these are the characteristics of the new Meizu Pro 7.

Meizu Pro 7

What is clear is that the new Meizu Pro 7 will be true Pro. And it is that some of the features that will have not have been present before on any smartphone. It is the case of the design of titanium, improving designs in aluminium that we had seen so far, and considering another option other than ceramics for the premium level. But it won’t be the only remarkable feature of the mobile. And is that it seems that it version of more high level will be with a memory RAM of 8 GB and with a memory internal of 128 GB. There will also be variants with 64 GB memory and impressive RAM 6 GB, and up to 4 GB of RAM, but in any event that is going to get to that level, all with a price which shall not exceed the 600 euros in the more expensive version.

Meizu Pro 7

Oh yeah, and we can not forget the screen. It will reach 5.7 inches, with a resolution that will not be Full HD, or Quad HD, but it will become 4 K. It will be the first screens that will operate at all times in 4 K. A real novelty.

There are other details which are not so noteworthy by the fact that the aforementioned would leave him as one of the best smartphones on the market. But still I should mention that your camera sensor would have around 1.4 micron pixels, so it would be an a great quality camera, with 12-megapixel Sony sensor. Probably the same as the Google Pixel. And all this with a processor MediaTek helium X 30, of 10 cores.

A true smartphone of high level. That would no doubt become one of the best options for those looking for a high-end, at a relatively affordable price.

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