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Meizu M5, recovering the versatile polycarbonate shell

We have accustomed to think that the mobile metal or of glass are best mobile that them of plastic. In general terms can be as well. But the truth is that in practice it is possible that we are wrong and we are guided only by the superficial. And it is that the shells of polycarbonate always had some notable features that now we will find again in the Meizu M5.

The metal, even in the basic range

This news comes at a curious time. And is that if we look at the market and we look even in the Mobile’s basic range, below the 100 euros, we see that even these already have a metallic design. Moreover, at the beginning we saw plastic aluminum alloys, and we could easily distinguish it because they did not have outdoor antennas. Today it is not so. The manufacturing processes and use of metal have become so common, that even more affordable mobiles are metal. This has made that directly to cease to exist the moving plastic, while had its advantages. For example, they were more resistant, and able to better resist the blows, not suffer permanent damage to the casing as if metal is suffering. In addition, we cannot forget the variety of colors offered by the plastic. Perhaps that’s why what the M5 Meizu has decided to recover the polycarbonate.

Meizu M5 Negro

Meizu M5

Just seeing the photograph of the Meizu M5 in blue that is released, it is very easy to remember the iPhone 5 c. This mobile not stressed much less due to its technical characteristics, but their design was really nice, in a variety of colors, and with a glint in the plastic which afforded it a striking appearance. Meizu had already launched a mobile imitating this design, but finally the metal appeared to have become the market standard.

Meizu M5

Now the company recovers the polycarbonate in a smartphone that will especially highlight being economic. Your processor will be a MediaTek MT6750 of eight cores, with a RAM of 2 GB. Your screen will be of 5 inch with a resolution HD of 1,280 by 720 pixels. The 13 megapixel camera and 16 GB internal memory close a datasheet that promises a more economical price, though, as we see, without losing the style.

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