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Manages a farm in your Android with the game there is Day

The life of a farmer is harder than you may think: madrugones, poor harvests, animals that become ill… many are the problems that exist. If you face them to emerge victorious, you can do it with your Android device thanks to the game There are Day, a title which is quite amusing.

This is a management game, he has to control everything that has to do with a farm: building materials, seeds for planting, and as no, animals that produce raw materials for your work. But, in addition, offered the possibility of converting what you have in products, as for example butter or bread. The case is that all this has to be well dimensioned, since otherwise you will be without funding… and lose the game.

Inicio del juego Hay Day

By the way, the story is perfectly normal: inherited a farm from a guy who was very old and that it is in quite pitiful conditions, has to evolve to become the best farmer in there Day. To do this, it is necessary to improve the buildings to be, an example is the ranero, up to the invest in the proper in new options, such as the purchase of new lands or to sell your products (there is an online market for this).

The difficulty of the game, in what you have to do to use, is not high. All is done with the screen touch in places with some large dimensions (is can do zoom) but, also, is includes an Assistant that resolves any doubt that is have. By the way, the gestures are heading, so it is even possible to give orders or revise content with only one hand.

Interfaz del juego Hay Day

Graphically Day is a correct title, we have not tried to show images in three dimensio is very complicated but the truth is that she does perfectly since they are quite sympathetic characters that appear. This, moreover, favours to the compatibility, since with little powerful devices it is possible to play this without problems and with a great user experience development.

Materias primas en el juego Hay Day

Fun the be farmer

As we have said there are Day is controlled throughout the production process of a farm, so it has to go well calculating what you want to do both not to be matter-free raw for trying to get the higher income do that not have reservations of grain that plant or with which generate food for the animals. I.e., the balance is basic, as in all games of management.

Subir nivel en el juego Hay Day

In the game, apart from focus you in be profitable, that not is little, there are different orders that is made from the village, that is possible meet to win more money. Care with these, that in occasions not are very profitable and generate a hole in what it has stored. In addition, there are visitors that come by your bread or butter.

Whenever a goal is achieved, earn stars that make the farm level, to increase what gives option to new possibilities as the people go, put your products for sale online, and even access to a mine that there are in your land. A good Day there are detail is that messages are generated to warn the user that it is necessary to perform an action on the farm, so that nothing is forgotten.

Elaborar productos en Hay Day

Download there is Day

You can get the game in Galaxy Apps and Play Store, being free (although it is possible to make payments in the own development to buy advance faster in there Day). Simple to use and addictive, this title is worth for lovers of the countryside and the management of resources.

Tabla del juego Hay Day

There are Day download is Galaxy Apps here.

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