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Maki: The wall of Facebook and Twitter timeline into a single application

Despite the fact that each passing day there are a greater number of social networks, Facebook and Twitter is still the favorite of millions of Internet users meeting site. Many are accustomed to having in our Android smartphone both applications but today we showed you a service that not only it brings together an app our profiles of both networks, but that Maki shows the Facebook Wall and timeline of Twitter on screen at the same time.

On previous occasions I have spoken of apps as Gaddr which brings together all the social networks in one place. However these applications demand change of screen for the updates of your contacts. This is where we find the first difference of these apps and Maki, as it allows to know all the innovations of both networks at a glance to the screen.

Maki is a light application that hardly weighs 9 MB and takes advantage of web versions of both social networks to gather in the same place both the wall of Facebook and the Twitter timeline. Thus a user can consult both services from the same screen, and interact with contacts of both social networks.

maki app

Other features of Maki

If we take into account that Facebook weighs 100 MB and Twitter more or less the half, first advantage we have front because as we said Maki weighs less than 10 MB. This way if your phone has a limited space you can use application to delete Facebook and Twitter without having to give up your presence on both social networks.

Thanks to your QuickBar you can check new messages and notifications as well as share publications or react to contents of your friends and family. that Yes, we will not find the same interface present in the official applications from both service, but if something quite similar. Logically the application size affects this aspect.

But in addition to raise the walls of Facebook and Twitter, Maki timeline also allows apply themes and make use of a dark mode that allows you to save battery power (one of the main problems of Facebook) when using the application. If it seems to you soon, the app is compatible with your Android smartphone fingerprint sensor to restrict third party access to your personal information.

Maki you can download for free from Google Play Store, although there is a version of payment with more features.

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