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Makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 interface of an iPhone 7

The iPhone has always differentiated Android on one key thing, the user interface is very different. That also happens with Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the truth is that it is possible to change the Samsung Galaxy S8 in such a way that its interface resembles an iPhone 7. This is how it can be done.

It becomes an iPhone 7 your Samsung Galaxy S8

You might ask: “for what would want to I convert a Samsung Galaxy S8 on an iPhone 7?” And it is in fact true. At the end, and after all, if you wanted an iPhone 7, you could have bought an iPhone 7. In any case, if you were having a mobile Apple, as if you were to have a mobile Xiaomi, Huawei, or any similar, possible customization of your mobile phone interface outside those in which there is only a main desk, and there is no application drawer. If that is the case, you should know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an option to end the apps drawer, and become a single desktop interface.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Colores

To do this, you must hold onto the screen and then selected further to the right, the home screen settings. Once here, choose the first option. And here you can choose between two different options. The first is for mobile has both with the applications and the login window, and the second is to be only present the home screen. This last option is that most resembles the design of the interface of the iPhone 7. No drawer of applications, but only a main window with different pages where you will find all the apps installed on our smartphone. It is an easy way to modify the interface of the mobile in a simple way and with own Samsung Galaxy S8 settings.

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