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Make a tribute to Muhammad Ali with this boxing games for Android

Today is a very sad for the world of boxing day, as one of the best fighters, if not the best, has died at the age of 74. We refer to Muhammad Ali, a benchmark in the world of sport, both inside and outside the ring. If you want to pay a tribute to him from your Android device, we have selected some developments in the form of game with which you can get it.

The developments that we have chosen chosen sports discipline that Muhammad Ali practiced is the protagonist or, in any case, the world of boxing. This is a sport which is the oldest which exist and which, even if you think otherwise, the intelligence tells much or more than the physical capacity (already said that how important the fight is to get hit, but the key is that you do not reach hits).

Boxeador Muhammad Ali

Selected developments

Then let the games that boxing is the Centre of attention and, by extension, the late Muhammad Ali. All of them are totally free, and to get them, you simply have to access your link in Play Store and download them on a regular basis and wait for it to be installed. Without more, this is what we have chosen:

Real Boxing

A game with a good finish graphic that you put on the skin of a boxer, that you have to control and lead to the top of the ranking . There is a lot of hits available on this title in which the view is in first person-to-person and there are different places where matches are made. If you have a remote control it is best to use it, and the truth is that it is the most fun and eye-catching since it hides most striking surprises very taste of Muhammad Ali.

Juego Android Real Boxing

WP-Appbox: Real Boxing (Free*, Google Play) →

World Boxing Challenger

This title is the big attraction to play in sports manager mode, so you can put in the situation of those who control both the economic destinies of a Boxer and, also, own coach. It is possible not to play matches, as also do it… which makes choosing the best strategy both before and at the time of crossing the gloves is essential. Multiplayer tournaments are disputed and it is even possible to bet on other fighting – game money, that si-. The graphics are three-dimensional.

Juego Android World Boxing Challenger

WP-Appbox: World Boxing Challenge (Free*, Google Play) →

King of Boxing

This game in three dimensions that is seen with isometric view so it is possible to establish a visual control of the fighting well suited.! Essential to learn how to run the blows and movements to reach your Boxer to victory in every battle until the objective of this title: be world champion, as it was Muhammad Ali. The sound is the most sympathetic.

Juego Android King of Boxing

WP-Appbox: King of Boxing (3D) (Free, Google Play) →

Other games for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support, do

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