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Lineage OS presents its logo, its symbol

Lineage OS is officially the release of CyanogenMod. And we all hope that it becomes again the best Custom ROM we have available in the Android scene. It be? Not what we know, but today day 1 begins its journey with the new logo. You can already find your symbol to locate Lineage OS.

New logo for Lineage I

But still had not located a logo official OS Lineage, while the community had already launched their own adaptations of the new ROM for different smartphones, now as there is an official logo of Lineage OS. The logo is that you then have and that could be the key to the future of this Custom ROM.

Lineage OS

As you can see, they are three circles, the concentric main of them. The two circles that are derived from this are separate. Really, is seems much to a tree family, which has a lot logical if have in features that Lineage actually means lineage. What seems clear is that they want to imply that this new operating system comes from CyanogenMod. But in addition, there is something to have in has, and is that may not only arise a Custom ROM, but several of what was originally CyanogenMod.

Already said that with the support that has this ROM from the community, not would be nothing rare that arise different approaches for the future of Lineage I now that not exists a road common that follow. It is possible that that has been the idea from the outset both in the choice of the name and the design of the new logo of this Custom ROM. Be so or not, certainly could be very successful for what will be the future of CyanogenMod in form of Lineage I. Actually, a good news for the world of the ROMs, in which already began to miss a puff of air cool.

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