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Lineage OS launches the mode of operation with one hand

Mobile phones have increasingly larger screens, but this is not always an advantage. It is almost impossible to use the phone with one hand today. With the exception of the smartphones that include a special mode to use the phone with one hand. The latest version of Lineage OS now includes the mode of operation with one hand.

Lineage OS 14.1, use with one hand

Use the smartphone with one hand is impossible in mobile who come to have screens that are approaching the five-inch. And it is still more complex when we think that smart phones easily have screens today 5.5 inch or more. Therefore, nearly all manufacturers who have mobile phones with large-format screen, to include software a way to use with one hand. It is logical that, therefore, the Custom ROM which aims to become the most popular of the Android universe also includes an option to control the phone with one hand.

Lineage OS

We talk about, obviously, the heir of CyanogenMod, Lineage OS. The new version of this ROM now comes with a new feature in Lineage 14.1 iteration that includes this feature.

This feature is most useful when we use a smartphone with a large screen, as well as for people with a lesion that cannot use his second hand and must use a single hand, like as these words are written. Lineage OS now includes this new mode with which it will be possible to use a smartphone or a tablet with this firmware with one hand. For this, you will only need to make a double click on the navigation bar, and you can activate the mode for use with one hand. This mode will be available both for right-handed users left-handed people. It is only necessary to install to the latest build, or simply upgrading to the latest available version of Lineage OS 14.1.

Usage with a hand spear Lineage OS article was published in AndroidAyuda.

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