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Lineage OS is already here, they begin to get the ROMs which relieve to CyanogenMod

What we have said goodbye this 2016 rather has been to the CyanogenMod ROM, one of the best known in the world of customization of Android firmware, the truth is that it is also true that this will serve to welcome a new ROM, OS Lineage, which is beginning to be available for some smartphones.

Lineage OS now available for mobile phones

Supposed that Cyanogen Inc. would be a reality precisely in order to December 31, 2016. And so will be. It would be from January when Lineage OS began to arrive in an official way. However, was clear that to the community not going to let that happened both time to give life already to them first versions of Lineage YOU, and begin to be available them first ROMs not official for some smartphones.

Lineage OS

Many of them are based on CyanogenMod 14.1 and add some additional feature. It is clear that it is necessary that there is some kind of setting in common features that you would like for the future of the ROM, because without it eventually appearing many variants of this ROM.

At this time, Lineage OS is now available in non-official versions for mobile LG G3, LG V20, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy Mini S4, S5 Galaxy Samsung and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. And such a list will expand with the passage of time with more versions for developers.

Lineage OS could be many different ROMs

However, there is something to have in has of what already talk makes a time when learned of the closing of Cyanogen Inc. Without a company that is responsible for the development of CyanogenMod, it will be very difficult to be the new ROM Lineage OS unique. We say this because CyanogenMod was originally a ROM of a single developer, although it received support from the community, always existed common criteria that left clear to what was the original CyanogenMod. It is why the same thing happen with OS Lineage. Will be many those developers that now will want to contribute, and is very likely that the closure of CyanogenMod not us carry to a new ROM as Lineage I, but to multiple new ROMs, with different ideas. This is not bad, and could in fact be positive. CyanogenMod knew very well, but it is never wrong to arriving new options, which had started to run low on the Android scene.

The Lineage OS article is already here, they begin to get the ROMs which relieve to CyanogenMod was published in AndroidAyuda.

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