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Lineage OS, in a week, more than 70 Mobile, and included root

Lineage OS is the great new ROM arriving to relieve CyanogenMod, extinct Custom ROM which had become the most relevant of the Android scene. They hold a week in active as official ROM, and they have already managed to reach more than 70 Mobile, also including the possibility of rootearlos.

More than 70 mobile

They were little more than four smartphones who officially received its ROM OS Lineage, still experimental, but as with the logo of the new ROM and so would being a firmware that would be receiving constant updates. As you said, it would be more than 80 mobile, but it was not clear when. It has nothing to do what was previously CyanogenMod, which had even a company behind he earned money, a ROM that is maintained by a community. That is why it seems complex to come to be available for as many smartphones. However, in just a week Lineage OS has already reached more than 70 Mobile, that can be found in the official section of downloads of the new Custom ROM.

Lineage OS

Lineage OS offers Root

It was reported, that Yes, reinstall OS Lineage would not have the mobile rooted, so it should be rootearlo later. However, also told themselves that the Root would include it soon so that it would be as easy as installing it from the Recovery menu by means of a file. zip. And that is precisely what has happened. Depending on the processor of our smartphone and the version of the operating system that you have installed, different files are already available .zip that we need to be able to root our mobile once we have already installed OS Lineage on the smartphone. So, in a matter of a few minutes we will have a mobile phone with a best available ROM, as well as the mobile rooted.

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