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Lineage I arrives as the rebirth of CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod died. Yesterday it announced an end to Cyanogen Inc and the Custom CyanogenMod ROM, the most recognized of the Android scene. We knew that it was likely that someone should decide to continue with the project, but we were still without official data so far. Lineage OS will be the continuation of CyanogenMod.

Lineage I

Ago time said that the future of CyanogenMod could be uncertain, that the Custom ROM could disappear, and that could change of name by Lineage I. As well, yesterday officially announced the closure of Cyanogen Inc for this December 31, and also that it would no longer work on CyanogenMod, although it was said that all of the software remain available to users. But it has been today itself when it announced that Lineage OS will be the future of the Custom ROM. Confirmed rumors that arrived a few weeks ago. Some components of the crew original of CyanogenMod have decided that said software follow taking life, and the new project is called Lineage I.


Goodbye to CyanogenMod

At the moment we don’t know much about this. It is likely to follow the same path as CyanogenMod, although at the moment with limitations in what it has to do with availability on different smartphones, since it is complex to be available on many models. However, it would not be anything unusual than most developers from the community join the project and decided to participate in it to grow Lineage OS.

After the operating system has much to offer, and has been the Custom ROM with more followers that has existed in the Android scene. It is very likely that the developers don’t want to die, and that now join the project to give life. Whatever it is, nor would be rare, as we explained the other day, now arising different projects aiming to keep alive CyanogenMod. In any case, we follow the steps of Lineage OS to see what the future of this Custom ROM which now forms part of the history of Android.

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