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Lineage I already is here, would be your mobile compatible?

Lineage you, the new ROM that comes to relieve to CyanogenMod already is here, available officially for some smartphones, included among them some Nexus, the Nextbit Robin, a Xiaomi, and the Moto G4. However, soon will be available for more mobile. Is your mobile one of the compatible smartphones? This will depend on of three factors.

Have CyanogenMod 13 or 14.1 official?

One of the key factors to determine if the smartphones will receive Lineage OS or it is not if they had an official CyanogenMod 13 or CyanogenMod 14.1 version. If it wasn’t, you can already rule out that mobiles will have Lineage OS, with the exception concerned a mobile phone which has been launched very recently and for this reason did not have yet any ROM compatible.

Mainly the mobile because they had their official at 14.1 CyanogenMod ROM will be those who have most likely form an official version of OS Lineage. Were them last mobile in which is worked until CyanogenMod closed, by what is logical that also are the first in which is work for Lineage you.

Lineage OS

Do you have an unofficial version?

Another factor to have in account is if already has with a version not official of Lineage I. Have in has that while the ROM official is have released now, already had developers releasing their own versions of Lineage I. Obviously, if already is has made a work wide with that smartphone, although not is it ROM official, seems logical that will be also one of them mobile elected to receive the new version of form official. We must not forget that the community is one of the keys to Lineage OS. And if there is a very focused developer on a smartphone and makes quality ROMs, probably there will be an official Lineage OS ROM for this smartphone.

Been sold has much?

The last factor to consider is the number of sales of the smartphone. Just have to see that one of the first mobile launched for Lineage OS is Xiaomi Redmi 1S, a mobile released years ago but very sold, and basic level. With this they want to show that it can be compatible with mobile very basic too, but at the same time is one best-selling mobile, as well as with the G4 Moto and Moto G4 Plus. The choice of them Nexus and the Nextbit Robin is simple, because are them mobile favorite of them developers, what tends to be another factor key to exist a ROM official of Lineage you.

Right now, the ROM has reached to five smartphones, but soon it will be to expand the list of mobile compatible to exceed 80 smartphones. If your mobile phone has been getting upgrade to the latest version of CyanogenMod officially, it is not a mobile phone that is dead in the market, and it also has a significant number of users, will be in that list of 80 smartphones that will be compatible with OS Lineage.

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