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Lightroom Mobile already supports RAW HDR photos

Lightroom Mobile is one of the essential applications that any fan of photography or professional photographer should have on your mobile. Now, this app is updated to include compatibility with the RAW HDR photos. At the moment, only compatible with mobile phones with Android.

Lightroom Mobile

There has been much debate and will continue discussing the possibility of using mobile phones as devices of professional photography. Surely, the debate will continue. But what is clear is that the smart phones are increasingly better. This makes them increasingly more useful even for professional photographers cameras.¬†That’s that applications like Lightroom Mobile have become applications very used by users of all levels. Lightroom Mobile version for Android, now includes support for a new type of image, the RAW HDR.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Mobile already included compatibility with RAW files, those mobile want compatible with the capture of this type of pictures. However, this is a new type of file. It’s the RAW HDR. We should already know well the HDR image that uses three different catch to have a photograph that would be impossible in normal processing. It combines three photographs captured in different exposure conditions. The HDR was already a well known in the world of mobile phones. But now comes the RAW HDR.

It is basically same as the HDR, but keeping more data each capture. In this way we could edit separately each of the catches that have been taken to compose the HDR.

This gives more possibilities to photographers. That Yes, at the moment this only will be available for some mobile phones with Android. That will support smartphones will be the two Google Pixel and the S7 Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Lightroom Mobile article is already compatible with photos in RAW HDR was published in AndroidAyuda.

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