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LG VPInput allows you to control the LG G4 and G5 remotely from your computer

If you have a LG G4 or a LG G5 (also compatibility becomes the LG V10) it is possible that you can take advantage of the application which we will discuss in this article and that you download from Play Store. We refer to LG VPInput, a development for the Android operating system, offering the possibility of remotely controlled commented from a computer terminals.

This development requires an application that is installed on the mobile device, we leave the link to Play Store after this paragraph, and additionally a software that supports both with PC and Mac, by what almost all users can take advantage of the options that offers LG VPInput. The case is that the installation processes are very simple, and this is always positive.

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The truth is that a tool of this type is always welcome, since it allows you to perform actions on phones without having to manipulate these If you are using a computer. In this way, perform actions such as check the notifications or, even, to answer them is entirely possible. Although it is true that the idea in which LG VPInput is based is not new, SideSync has already been time between us for example, but is thankful that they have taken the step from LG.

Imagen de uso de LG VPInput

Bluetooth is the key

This is the technology that is used to work with LG VPInput, that allows to use to the keyboard and mouse to manipulate the mobile terminal. This makes everything simple and obviously have to synchronize your smartphone with your PC or Mac, for which there is a wizard that is appreciated. In the terms of use, it is the most simple and intuitive, and delay – that exists – is not very obvious. Personally I think that a perfect tool is for those who work or are usually in terms of mobility.

Opciones de la aplicación LG VPInput

Compatibility with applications that run is perfect, since the coating that is applied is above and, therefore, does not depend on the development in question but his own operating system . A good additive that is complex to use and that, Yes, it is expected that LG VPInput reach more models of the Asian company, since by the only are three models that can be used: LG G4, G5 and V10.

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