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LG includes your official tool for unlocking the bootloader to the LG V10

If you have a LG V10 or you are considering to get one, you should know that the installation of ROMs in this phablet is something that, from now on, is much easier. This is because the Asian company official tool is compatible with this model that draws attention to your secondary display on the front.

In this way, the process to unlock the bootloader of the LG V10 is fully s very simple and , something that does not happen because steps have to give are not exactly intuitive – if the application manufacturer – putting at the disposal of the users is not used otherwise. Therefore, install different ROMs and advanced applications is more than possible and more important, without danger.

Phablet LG V10

In this way, the LG V10 comes to join the G4 and G5 models that had support for the tool that at the end of the year 2015 published the Asian companies so that users who, if so desired, want to remove the commented out protection (opening the door to advanced manipulation, but also a potential additional peril and loss of warranty). By the way, the European model of the phablets one of which are heading.

Some determinant

Most importantly, apart from a compatible LG V10, model is that the version of the operating system that are required to use the device of which we speak is Android Marshmallow , otherwise the process is not possible since these are not valid. In Spain, this is not a problem, but in other countries such as France where the Lollipop ROM is held that there is problems.

Trasera del phablet LG V10

If you decide to put hands to work and unlock the bootloader of the LG V10, what you have to do is follow the step that there is in this Android help link, where explain them to the G4 and G5 – but which are exactly the same and, therefore, completely valid. If you want to know to live and live to this phablet, you can get it thanks to a video that you can see here, where we tested the device.

The LG article included in your tool official unlock the bootloader to the LG V10 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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