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LG G6 will feature a glass rear housing

LG G6 finally adapts to the design of the market high-end smartphones, and will cease to invent designs that try to be different from the other flagships. After a LG G4’s skin, and of a LG G5 metal, becomes the LG G6 with housing of glass.

LG G6 with design of glass

The LG G6 will feature a glass design, something remarkable, because the smartphone never had a design of this type. LG G3 came with a plastic design. LG G4 was the first with premium materials design, but it was skin. LG G5 came with a metallic design, and which particularly highlighted the fact that was a modular smartphone. LG G6 seems to finally have a design similar to its rivals in the market. And it is that as stated, the design of the smart phone will be glass. Obviously, the front will be of glass, but also the rear housing. Thus, we will find a smartphone that probably to much we will remind the own Samsung Galaxy S8 when you arrive at the market. The mobile will not have an original design, but perhaps users are looking for just a design similar to the of the rivals, and nothing special.

LG Cristal

Screen without bevels

But they are not the only data that we get on the Smartphone, because the new mobile will also feature a display without bevels. According to rumour, LG called this 2.5 d screen. We give this name to crystals on the screen that are slightly curved sides to give a feeling of depth. He LG G6 does not count with a Crystal 2.5 d, but with a screen 2.5 d. Probably this screen will be slightly curved, seeming much to Samsung Galaxy high-end Edge version, or the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

LG G6 could be the first smartphone of high level to launch this year 2017, and although we still don’t know when will be presented officially, it would not be anything rare to come sometime between January and February.

The LG G6 article will feature a glass rear casing was published in AndroidAyuda.

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