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LG G6 appears with his final design in three colours

The LG G6 will come in three colours, as we can see in what will be the last image of the smartphone before its official launch. Thanks to this image, we can confirm the design that will be the mobile. A very nice design for a mobile phone that only lack the latest processor on the market.

LG G6, three colors

Even though we already knew about would be how the LG G6, still we do not know precisely what all finishes in which the mobile be available. The image accompanying this article gives us an idea of the three colors in which LG G6 will be available. We forget a color which had developed into a trend, as it is the Golden, to return to the two classic colors, white, and black. Even if they aren’t just white and black versions. The white version, for example, will feature details in pink gold, as it is the case with metal frame, and also of the ring that surrounds the fingerprint reader. The black color of the smartphone version will be something simpler, seeking to be more minimalist version, with a black color for all elements of the mobile. It is not the most striking version, but if it will be chosen by users who do not want a special color.


And then we have a version that will attempt to be something like the silver, but in a tone that is blue version, so it will be more special color for this LG G6, which less like me, but that he might like to users for being a different color than that you see in the vast majority of mobile phones on the market. LG G6 will be most likely tomorrow in an official way, at the Mobile World Congress 2017, and only lack the latest processor on the market, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. In the rest of technical it may be considered one of the best mobile market.

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