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Let you bite your nails thanks to your Android

I admit, I am of the percentage of people who are chomping at the bit. Not is something that I take shame. It is perfectly visible in my hands. But I’d like to get you to stop doing it, and today I thought that I could perhaps find some app that would help me do this. This is how you can stop biting you nails with your Android.

1 really want to stop biting you fingernails?

You have said many times that of that biting you them nails can have infections, that aesthetically is fatal, and that until is of bad education and is very badly ahead of the others. That’s great. But it is possible to give all that you like, or who simply do not even realize that have begun to bite you nails. What is clear is that you do not remember all that, because at the end, and after all, it is something you do pure anxiety. So the first thing you should do is realize if you want really to stop biting you nails and assimilate it. Made this, perhaps this application has some utility. But even before, let’s move to step 2 which will be useful.

Morderse las unas

2 buy a bitter nail lacquer

Go to any pharmacy and asks some lacquer of nail bitter. These are made so that when you go to bite your nails, you get the bitter taste in the mouth, and this generates a negative response. If you buy one powerful enough, I assure you that not you can even avoid falling in your mouth something accidentally. Not be worth or wash you those hands. The bitterness you will take to not wanting to bite you the nails. So it is another important aid. But we are going with the application.

3.-stop Nail Biting

If there is something really necessary to change a habit is to be aware of what we are doing. For example, if you want to lose weight, write down all the calories from the foods you eat will help you to be aware of what you’ve eaten, and only that already will take you to reduce the amount of what comes. Stop Nail Biting is an application that is designed so whenever want bite you them nails, or that have begun to bite you them nails, it note in the application. Is is saved the time, and can save also any note, or even a photo of your fingers. The key is that you’re aware of the number of times that you’ve bitten you nails at the end of the day, and take aware of this until you are able to prevent it completely or almost completely at some point.

Obviously, the application is not a miracle, and you will have to stop biting your nails. If it’s for something is to generate new a negative response to the nails, bite you by having to make a notation on your smartphone. It is a psychological issue, and will help you in your process to stop biting you nails. I cannot speak of the effectiveness that has had so far in my case, but it is likely to be quite effective. Whatever it is, I hope that if you are also going to stop biting you nails, this app may be useful for you. Is available free on Google Play.

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