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Lenovo will no longer manufacture ZUK brand phones

Lenovo announced a few months ago its intention to unify all brands under the same. The idea would be to release all phones under the brand name Lenovo Moto. Unexpected ZUK to enter in this plan, since it is an independent part of the group. But Yes will: there will be no more phones under the brand name ZUK.

The latest ZUK

The ZUK Edge will be the last mobile ZUK, as reported by a user of Weibo. There will be no ZUK 3. The rumor remained there until the bread Jiutang analyst added information about this: not only there will be no ZUK 3 but that the subsidiary would disappear. Zuk will disappear despite the success which has had during its brief period of time, the phone manufacturer founded on 28 may 2015 and Lenovo are not happy with the company. Although there is no official confirmation from the company, this decision would fit with plans that Lenovo has been showing for some time now.

Before their second anniversary, ZUK disappears and will be more branch-specific phones. Two years and four telephones: ZUK Z1, Z2 ZUK, ZUK Z2 Pro and ZUK Edge. ZUK Edge 2 expected for this year, but apparently not so. The last phone that can purchase the fans of the brand will be the Edge ZUK.

Another post on Weibo shows New Lenovo management after the merger of all brands of their mobile. ZUK, Chen Xudong, co-founder will return to the business of Lenovo computers; Qiao Jian will be new head of Lenovo in China Mobile and Kirk B.Skaugen is responsible for the operations of the datacenter of Lenovo.


ZUI on Motorola phones

In addition, only a few days ago she met software integrated into phones ZUK, Zui, he would become the new interface of Motorola. The work of software developed by the company which will have no more phones will remain part of Lenovo because ZUI layer will start to settle in the division of phones of Lenovo.

So far, Morotola phones have worked with Android Stock interface, virtually no customization itself, similar to a pure Android, and with the advantage that the performance was really good and updates come from very fast manea. ZUI, on the contrary, has a great customization and an interface that is very different from that usually see with Android unchanged.

logo zuk

Lenovo item will no longer manufacture brand phones ZUK was published in AndroidAyuda.

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