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Learn how to use the fingerprint reader as in Google Pixel on any Android

The new google Pixel hide multitude of improvements that make them be the envy of many terminals of the competition. Little by little van appearing in the market of applications of Google applications that is responsible of “porting” some of them functions exclusive of these new smartphones to the rest of smartphones Android, as is the case of the consultation of notifications through in reader of traces of the Google Pixel.

However, this feature not is precisely of them more novel of the catalogue of new functions of them Google Pixel, since before in the terminal of Google have could see it in others smartphones of Huawei, Honor and even in smartphones Chinese of the brand telephone. But he doesn’t have to be an attractive feature that joins other new Google Pixel.

Is by this that then you are going to show the operation of the application Fingerprint Quick Action App, that is charge of carry the possibility of slide the finger towards down from the sensor of traces of them new phones of the company with the objective of consult them notifications received in the system, expanding of this way them possibilities of the already classic sensor biometric of our smartphones.

Fingerprint Quick Action App

Before proceeding with the download and installation of the application it is necessary to warn whenever there are to work properly, we will need to have a smartphone with fingerprint sensor, as it is logical, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow as operating system, since the app is not compatible with previous versions of Android.

Download Fingerprint Quick Action App for Android

The first thing we need to do once installed the application, is to enable the option “Enable Fingerprint Quick Action” to enjoy the same functions which presents the reader of fingerprint in Google Pixel. This will open a full list of options where we will have to select “Expand Notifications Panel” within the “Quick Action” menu.
Fingerprint Quick Action App
Not is it only function that can assign to the reader of traces of our smartphone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, since besides the possibility of expand the panel of notifications as asni happens in them new Google Pixel of the giant of Internet, also is can configure the option of turn off the screen or access to it screen main through the app.
If in addition to carry these functions exclusive of them Google Pixel to your phone, also like enjoy of your appearance, then you reveal as install in your terminal them icons circular of them new ships logo of the brand.

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