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It will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge version Blue Coral

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge already aspires to become one of the motives of the year by the good quality/price ratio that will close this season. However, before the end of 2016 it will arrive in a new version, inspired by the color Blue Coral the Galaxy-Note 7, which combines the blue glass, with reddish coral to the metal frame.

A great combination

Since I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Blue Coral combination, I realized of how well beautiful which are mobile phones in two colors. He had already seen it on any smartphone of Xiaomi which combined the black color with Golden frame and seemed really beautiful. But the truth is that the whole Blue Coral with the covers front and rear electric, blue glass and frame in a reddish Golden seems to me to be even better. Of course, there will always be users who may prefer a more classic version of the smartphone, but if you were one of them that you can get it in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to be released in version Blue Coralfell in love with this color, now.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Blue Coral

In fact, in these photographs the mobile that we see already is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and not the Galaxy Note 7, in this edition. Without the S-Pen, but with a design similar to also have a curved screen on both ends, the smartphone becomes the best smartphone from Samsung that is available at this time.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral

Obviously Samsung wants to relaunch this smart phone with the new version in this color. It must be said that the differences with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are scarce. It is slightly smaller, and does not include the S-Pen. But if it has the same processor, same RAM memory, the same camera, and the same screen resolution. It even has a higher pixel density to be smaller.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Frontal y Posterior

For me it is a mobile ideal and, honestly, I prefer Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In this color, already the definitive mobile is for me. What remains to be seen is if Samsung will stop that Mobile has the same price as the other versions of the smartphone, or will be available at a price superior simply by being a new color. Let us hope that, if so, the price difference is not very notable, and is a relatively economic fad.

The article thus will be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral version was published in AndroidAyuda.

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