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It will be the Moto C, price of the demolition of Lenovo mobile

Today we have already seen a picture of how the new bike Z2 coming into the ship Lenovo logo. However, now comes an image that will be a very different mobile, because it will come with a price of the demolition, being a mobile phone that wouldn’t hardly to be considered basic range. So will the C Moto and Moto C Plus.

C and C Plus Moto Moto

Your design could not be able to own a mobile phone more cheaply, because we have smartphone with large bezels, as well as with a small screen size. Even we could be talking about mobile with a screen of 4.5 inches, at least in the case of the C Moto, not being so in the Plus version. Its plastic finish makes be far the metallic finish of the Moto M.

Nuevo Moto C

Bike C

And in the design of the mobile we have little more than a camera, a flash, buttons for power and volume, and a speaker. Even so, quite remember their appearance to the G5 bike and the bike Z2, with the camera in a circular core, but with technical features that will obviously be very different.

Moto C Plus

Moto C Plus

More basic than the Moto E4

The C Moto and Moto C Plus will be mobile even more basic bike E4 at its inception, the E bike was a mobile very basic, the most basic of Motorola. However, now that the G5 Plus motorcycle has raised its price, and Moto E4 happen to occupy the place of mobile phones with a price close to 150 euros, the Moto C would be the option that would be for those who did not want to spend more than about 100 euros in a new mobile phone. It will not be the best thing to play, but yes it will be the basics to be connected with a mobile phone with WhatsApp. Even so, will have to wait for presenting the mobile to know their final technical specifications and the price that will be.

The article thus will be the Moto C, price of the demolition of Lenovo mobile was published in AndroidAyuda.

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