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It will be the camera from Hasselblad that will come in the form of module to Moto Z

When it launched the Moto Z rumored is that you could also launch a module specialized in photography that would be designed by the prestigious Hasselblad company. Not announced right at the new mobile, but now we know what this new module and some of the features that will be.

Hasselblad and the Moto Z

Already have seen how the large companies of the world of the photography are trying to gain presence in the world of them smartphones. It is the case of Leica with Huawei and the dual camera that integrates the latest mobile high-end of the Chinese company, Huawei P9. However, Hasselblad, another of the prestigious companies and historical in the world of photography, will also come to the world of smartphones. In this case, it will do so with a camera in the form of module for Moto Z. A special camera that will replace the Moto Z camera, this will then be hidden. The module will adhere to the rear section of the smartphone, like all bike Mods, and will feature some characteristics of a more professional camera, as you can see in the image accompanying this article.

Hasselblad Moto Z

Obviously, the photographic quality of the mobile will improve, even if we don’t know how much, because we do not know the megapixel which will have the camera or sensor size. We do know, for example, that it will have with a 10 x optical zoom, and also a photo physical to shoot photography, as well as a roulette wheel to change zoom. This module will also integrate a Xenon flash, will be able to capture pictures in RAW, something key to professional photographers, and will give us the ability to both make a backup of your photos instantly, not to lose them, and quickly share them on social networks, a big difference with respect to the Chambers of high level of the current market , which require a processor, a transfer to a smartphone and then the publication in networks as Instagram.

Whatever it is, we still do not know when this Hasselblad for Moto Z module will be launched or how much it will cost, while taking into account that the products of the company are seldom precisely economic, perhaps this camara-modulo nor is it, or perhaps if taking into account that it is aimed at the market of smartphones.

The article as well will be the camera from Hasselblad that will come in the form of module to the Moto Z was published in AndroidAyuda.

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