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It starts well 2017 saving and by controlling your expenses

Hello to the year 2017. This year starts. And today is the best day to start to save and to begin to control your spending. Basically because is day 1, and because is January. And for that there is no better way that use an application like Monitor financial Expenses.

Records all what you spend

An application of this type is essential for you if you are a self-employed or entrepreneur. But if not it you are also. Also, even though it be, with this app not only will have that have in has those expenses or income related with your activity professional, but general any expenditure or income generated in your life. The key of this monitor financial is lead management requires each of the expenses we did, to then be able to know where the money is escaping us, and where we should have more discretion in spending it.

Monitor financiero

For starters, we can even include different sources of money that we have: cards credit, debit, cash, savings, loan, etc. From here, each transaction will be reflected as an option three: expenses, deposit, or transfer.

Each expenditure, deposit, or transfer, will have also have a category associated with the transaction, such as “Work”, “House”, “Studies”, “Vehicle”, etc.

But best of all is that we can set spending or specific income objectives, so that we have a goal to reach out to long or short term. We may also use the application so that it can remember us certain regular payments that we have to make.

Finally, and as not can be of another way in an application whose objective end is the of get that save and the of that optimize them expenses that make, the application includes reports of our management financial. Reports of different type, linear, circular, of the period of time that we have selected.

WP-Appbox: Monitor financial-Expenses (Free+, Google Play) →

Finally, Monitor financial Expenses is a great option to start from this January 1 to manage expenses and revenues of our everyday life.

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