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It improves the sound of mobile processor Qualcomm thanks to Magisk

The sound of our mobile phone is not precisely one of the aspects that most manufacturers, is strive especially if we are talking about mobile medium range or input and many times it seems to not do so simply by unwillingness or lack of time and resources. Today we told you how easy that is to improve the sound processor Qualcomm mobile thanks to a module for Magisk Manager, one of the most popular tools nowadays to make root.

There are many ways to improve the sound of an Android phone, and in many cases specific to a particular type of mobile, a particular brand or a particular processor as we know today.

It improves the sound of your phone with Magisk

Today we are a new module for Magisk Manager that allows us to improve echo and much the sound of a mobile phone having Qualcomm processor. All these processors share an architecture that can be leveraged by this module to improve the sound. This element in common is the Wcd9xx integrated DAC audio, featuring a series of parameters that can be turned on and off to change some settings.


This module specific high-performance DAC mode of your phone to maximize power provide us the best possible audio quality. The requirements to take advantage of this module are very clear, on the one hand to count as it is obvious with a mobile phone having Qualcomm processor, as well as Magisk Manager have installed version 11.0. With these two requirements we can install this module and enjoy better sound in our mobile processor Qualcomm. We only need to download the following files.

Download Hi-Perfmomance DAC enabler with version 1.1

This module provides give more power to the sound of the phone, something that normally manufacturers tend to “castrate” for different reasons, but in cases like this is very easy to modify, because with these new parameters, it is simple to instantly change their sound offering mostly more power.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Obviously we must be cautious when using this new module and not to trust us too when it comes to aumentra the power and volume on the mobile, better do so gradually to avoid damaging the speakers with an excessive volume. In any case the normal use allows you to enjoy in a nutshell of higher quality in our phone with Qualcomm processor sound.

Source: XDA Developers

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