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It detects and arranges the pixels dead on the screen of your Android

The recent problem with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge us recalls that always is possible that them screens have errors, and more when we have in has that each time are of more resolution. One of those errors common is the of those pixels dead. You can detect and fix pixels dead on your Android with this application.

Dead pixels can be arranged?

In first place, there are that say that a screen is formed by pixels. How many? As a Full HD screen has 1,920 pixels high, and 1,080 pixels in width. Each pixel acts like a filter that gives colour to the light that is behind on an LCD screen. A pixel may die when it ceases to act as a filter, and we only see a black dot. Dead pixels have no solution. Simply have died. But sometimes we call pixel dead to those pixels that do not are dead. Simply have left of run of form correct, and show a color that does not is the right, or the color white. These pixels can be arranged. Sometimes the pixels that appear black are not dead, so if you have a pixel that does not work well, the ideal is that you try to fix it. With this application you can detect dead pixels and trying to fix them.

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Detects and fixes dead pixels

The application that we use is Dead Pixel Detect & Fixer. The application process is simple. To detect the dead pixels will be showing the same color panels: green, magenta, cyan… those colors main of every one of those pixels. If the pixel is dead or damaged, change to these colors we’ll see. It will be easy to locate because it will fail with one of the colors.

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To fix them, which will make the application is to be changing the color of the screen for half an hour. With this, it’s to try the pixel to react and recover. On many occasions, if the pixel is not dead, it is possible to fix it and get back it. If it is completely dead by a fault in the pixel, then there is no solution. But before it lost, it is good that you try retrieving it with this application. That Yes, as a reminder, changing colors at high speed on the screen may cause epileptic seizures, so ideal is that you avoid looking at the screen when running the process of recovery of dead pixels.

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