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It controls the history of searches that you make with your Android

Search information with Android handsets is one of its most common uses, either using the Chrome browser or the own search bar in the form of the desktop widget. Well, is possible to access the information that is stored to, thus, have clear the search history that Google has stored and, if desired, to manage it.

To check this, the ideal is to use a computer, because the amount of data and information that can be displayed on the screen is big, so it is much better having ample space to display all the search history. The case is that you accessing this link – asking that I will confirm the password or do a confirmation in two steps – you can see the Google account information, included in which has been used voice.

In the central part are all terms that exist in history searches – sorted by time – and, in addition, the time in which the search as the link to the page that was agreed was conducted. On the left there is a selection box that allows you to choose the desired, and if you want, proceed to their elimination. An important detail: are stored data from a year, the former are eliminated and, by the way, these are some that Google uses to, for example, propose advertising to navigate.

Opciones de borrado en el historial de búsquedas

Options available

No they are too many, the truth, but the existing ones are interesting. By clicking on the top left, the icon three vertical dots, appears in a drop-down menu that offers some possibilities, as for example the disposal options. To use this, appears a pop-up window in which it is possible to indicate how you want to proceed to erase the search history. You can set than those of today, yesterday’s, and if you want to be more accurate should be use to advanced. After you select all, click Remove.

In the menu options, there is another possibility that may be interesting: Download searches . Thus, prior to disposal, can save all if at a given moment you want to replace what you have deleted or, simply give you use if you want to have safe activity stored in the search history.

Configuración del historial de búsquedas

Finally is Configuration . The possibilities offered are not many, since they limit to enable or disable that stored the data. This is done by clicking Manage history, will return you to the previous page. Other tricks for Google’s operating system, you can find them in this section of Android support.

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