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Is the LG G6 scratch resistant?

Today many high-end smartphones look like pieces of art by the way they look, shine and giving up to repair using them. But the problem is also their level of fragility, which directly affects the durability that can have the terminal. One of the current nightmares of any user who spends €700 in a mobile are scratching for continued use. And speaking of this, is the G6 LG scratch resistant?

Perfect glossy

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 7, the spectacular Mix my Xiaomi, iPhone are just three examples of high-end smartphones with a so striking as spectacular visual finish. They are mixed with art works. And in the case of mobile that mixed metal with glass in its frame, are terminals that get an aspectol ‘gloss’ with glitters which make them even more attractive. But precisely this, the finished visual, worries to those that is leave the salary of a month in a mobile so nice, because the use daily can scratch them and finish with that look immaculate.

There are covers and guards, but there are those who do not like to use them or those who fear that passing something and although they are protected end up with a brand. In the case of the newly presented LG G6, which radically changes the modular proposal for the G5 rebooting your design from scratch, we have a smartphone with metallic chassis and a rear glass panel of beautiful appearance. But, will it scratch much with regular use? As a hindu user who already has G6 has decided to make the ultimate test: a test of resistance, as see those us on YouTube, but with a phone that has not been announced and doesn’t even have a price.

Is the LG G6 scratch resistant?

This brave user is at a restaurant with their G6 and a knife, and the next thing we see is how he begins to scratch the rear panel with the covered for several seconds. The result? Maybe that LG G6 is resistant to scratches, at least to the knife of this test, because when cleaning a little we see that Gorilla Glass 5 protection having the terminal on the rear panel has stood perfectly.

With Gorilla Glass 5 on the rear panel, Gorilla 4 camera and 3 Gorilla on the front screen, LG G6 still has no official release date or a price assigned, but in South Korea it will cost around 796 dollars, more than $ 100 on price who had the LG G5 when it came out last year. But surely this will not be the only test we see resistance as soon as the smartphone goes on the Western market presumably in spring.

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