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Instant App: ever closer to use applications without installing them

Very soon we will be using applications without installing them on your mobile phone. The Instant, Android App will be available to test them, though in a limited way and again test stage. When Google wants to receive the opinion of the users it is because its release is very close. We tell you which are these first apps and notice that Google launches developers so that “they put the batteries”.

At the moment will be BuzzFeed, Periscope, Viki and Wish, but it will continue to drip application snapshots to be started to try. Google already is testing with a group of users in order to receive feedback to accelerate their release. This test consists of loading a version bigsize of the application without installing it on the device.

In fact, continue to appear new applications to try when I have the first results.

He year last, in the Conference of developers Google I/O, communicated to the world this evolution for the devices smartphone and caused sensation. Now we are before a step final for the Android Instant App are very soon a reality.

What is an Instant App?

An Instant App means that we can use many more applications from our device because they will need a very small space to operate. Is speaks of app that operate without need of install, because is is of load the application of form similar to a web page.

To access the instant applications only have to click on a link of that application to have it on our phone and that single performance at that time. All users with OS Android Jelly Bean or higher can access this new functionality.

If you think well, this evolution of applications is a natural response to the widespread use of Android users. Normally the number as apps that we have in our mobile is limited by the resources that absorb. This prevents that in the majority of the devices has more than 4 or 5. Google wants to break with this trend and release the use of applications of these impediments.

When are instant applications available?

It is not clear how of widespread is the initial test being done by Google. Nor when plans to expand the trial to a larger group of users. However, already put on alert the developers because they will be taking part.

instant app android

It is expected that Google release the SDK soon so that developers adapt their applications. Until it reaches this point, has prepared a series of recommendations. Among them, trim the app and support URL-based navigation. The next step is to update the software with the functionality of the instant application, and then modularizarla so a small segment can be downloaded and run instantly.

Instant App item: more and more closely to use applications without installing them was published in AndroidAyuda.

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