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Instagram Stories, how to use it in a useful way

Instagram Stories has been released today. It’s the new version of Instagram… and Yes, I know, it’s a no-brainer. How should you use it to make Instagram Stories really useful? Actually, is made for Instagram not be useless, and I explained.

Instagram as a definition of a person

There are two types of people in this world: a photo after several weeks analyzing if really it defines the way of being, after having edited over a few days and after applying filters, and having it cut thousands of times to see how it is better, and which simply throw a photo to an ice cream that climbing instagram , and they write, ‘I hate August’. OK, I am of the latter. I like photography, and some of the photos I have on Instagram are good, captured with a camera quality, processed, analyzed for days, and then published. So they should be all my pictures. Only photos of quality. But it happens that sometimes simply I want to write… “Today is a yucky day.” And that breaks out my Instagram style. Or at least break an Instagram style full of quality as that we should have. Why?

Suppose that I am a professional photographer, I am interested in marketing, I am fond of photography or only public images or videos with tricks of makeup or nutrition. There are many profiles of this type. It may be interesting information for users, but if each publication of this type have a publication of the type “Today don’t feel I work”, “Drinking coffee”, “Captured Pikachu”, at the end is difficult users to follow us or take us as a reference.

Instagram Logo

Instagram Stories just with that. Basically, what they publish on Instagram Stories only remains active 24 hours, and does not appear on your profile. That means that if you now want angry with the Sun and tell him what little you like to give much heat, you can do so using Instagram Stories. Nothing happens, because tomorrow the video will no longer be, and will continue to be a reference in the world of nutrition for athletes. In addition, you will provide a factor social. Those users who are interested in, you might respond or you answer or tell you something. And no, because you do care as a person, but only as someone who publishes information, maybe even repair that in your message. It is a way to have a professional profile, while you still have the option to share something completely off-topic.

Instagram using with a career goal is becoming more common. It may be direct or indirect. For example, if have a Hairdresser, perhaps want upload pictures of hairstyles, or videos of how carry to out a certain procedure. If we repair bicycles, we will want to upload a video of the commissioning of the hydraulic braking system of a bicycle. If we are creating a blog, we would like that our pictures have to do with the theme of the blog, not with the winter holidays when we went skiing.

Thus, the new Instagram Stories is made so we differentiate between those photographs or videos that we want that we identified for when someone see our profile, and those photos or videos that just went up today by sharing something with our followers, family or friends, and want to comment, but really has no nothing to do with the subject of photographs or videos that we usually publish on Instagram.

A function that can be very useful, especially now that it is easy to complain about the heat that if we don’t go on vacation in August.

Instagram Stories article, how to use it in a manner useful was published in AndroidAyuda.

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