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Indicators of the system adds to your Android with PowerLine

I love this type of applications. PowerLine makes the notification of our mobile bar a range of panel with indicators of the system. It does so without removing almost space bar of notifications and a very efficient and useful way.

PowerLine, adding indicators of the system

A priori, we could start talking about an application with which we can add a line of blue color that appears in the upper section of the screen, and that indicates the battery level. If the bar blue, horizontal, is complete, the battery is to the 100%. If the blue bar is declining, the percentage of battery will have gone down. It is a simple way to see the battery level without even needing to us appear the number of percentage of battery. In the end, is a function that already integrate some ROMs from long ago, but with this app can get without having to root the phone. However, that does not is it best.

Trucos Android con destornillador

There are a lot of apps to add a bar in form of line that is an indicator of battery. But PowerLine goes more beyond, not only can add a bar with information of the battery, but all a series of indicators different. With the version free can Add two indicators, from which we want, but only two. Between them options that have available are the battery, the processor, the memory internal, it memory external, the volume of call, the volume of the music, the hour of the day, the level of signal WiFi, and all a series of options more. In the paid version, you can add more than two indicators.

As is obvious, have the possibility of modify them indicators: can change the color of those indicators, can do that are gradients, that them colors vary depending on the level of that element… Again, a range of options to customize this feature.

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Applying love to me. The free version of PowerLine is sufficient, but if you want to add more options, the paid version is also interesting, and this is one of those applications whose paid version is worth. An app essential for the users to which them like customize your mobile Android.

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