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In Google Apps, what serve this new service from Google?

Google already announced Google In Apps, not is nothing new. But yes is new if we refer to the service is available, because when Google it announced, not said when would come to the smartphones. Now it already beginning to arrive, the V20 LG will be the first to have this feature, but there will be more smartphones. Now, what will serve this In Google Apps?

Search inside applications

The idea is simple and simple, those searches within applications. Already know that if by something is has prominent Google throughout the history is by its Finder. Today we have the search engine integrated in our smartphone, on the top bar. However, this helps us to make searches on the web, not to search within applications, which is what he now wants to integrate the company with Google In Apps. That is, that when we do a search, this also applies to the contents of the applications that we have in our smartphone.

Google Logo

Google already announced, but now announced what their availability. The first smartphone that will feature this feature will be the LG V20. We assume that it will be followed by the Nexus, and then probably you will be reaching the rest of the mobile. We will see if only with Android 7.0 Nougat, or also with versions previous of the system operating. Whatever it is, at the moment these searches in-app will be compatible with a few applications: Gmail, YouTube and Spotify, so we can locate videos, mail contacts, or songs, simply looking for them in the normal Google search box. However, is expected that soon is add more applications to this list, as Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist and Google Keep, apps that will be very useful at the level of productivity for power search in notes and others. Calls the attention the absence of an app as WhatsApp, for example, that would be welcome to this list, to the be the app of messaging more used of the world.

We will see if this prompt applies to all applications, and we can use the search engine to search any app. In fact, this would be great because you could change even the way in which we use the mobile. Already could to forget us of have that go moving us by them menus, and could go directly to what we want only with perform a search.

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