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IMO, the app that plant face to WhatsApp with its low consumption of data

The length and width of the app stores, there are dozens, not to say a hundred, of messaging applications that try to, at least, to achieve half of the numbers achieved by WhatsApp. Hence we have such Telegram who this Thursday added voice calls to your service. Taking advantage of this new functionality we speak of IMO, one of the best apps in Google Play to chat, do videolllamadas and keep in touch with our friends and family.

IMO is an instant messaging application that is the result of the experience of a company that takes quite some time present in the world of technology, going back even to the first years where MSN Messenger dominated computer science. However today it has become a practical application that presents different virtues against its competitors.


To start you will not find compatibility issues as the messaging application is available for Android and iOS in addition to its corresponding version for PC. However the differences are noticed nothing more using IMO for the first time.

The virtues of IMO

While other applications now added the possibility of making calls or video calls, IMO has been boasting this function for months, but this is not the only thing that differentiates the rest of present alternative application in the Google Apps marketplace. The first is the low weight that shows the app, it will barely take 6 MB of space on the storage of your phone.

Following this “philosophy” the main trick of IMO WhatsApp (who recently changed the interface), Telegram, Line or other instant messaging apps is the low consumption of resources and data required to operate. In this way becomes an ideal alternative for those times when we dont have a lot of data and we need to make calls or video calls VoIp. All this without sacrificing the classic text chat in which we insert multimedia content or stickers.

IMO can be installed in all kinds of devices though like other apps requires a number of telephone to work correctly. In these cases, for example when installing the app on a tablet without slot for SIM card, what you need to do is put your phone number so that IMO send a SMS with a verification code. Then you leave their respective download link.

WP-Appbox: imo video calling and messaging (Free, Google Play) →

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