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If you buy the G5 bike, choose the version of 3 GB of RAM

It seems impossible to really have to write about this, but it seems rarer is that Lenovo has decided to launch two versions of mobile with so few differences and priced so similar. Even so, if you buy the bike G5, you should buy the most advanced version.

Buy the G5 bike… will be a success or a failure

Every Moto G that is released each year becomes one of the best available in the mid-range mobile, and is always a guarantee of quality in it comes to their technical specifications, and the stability of your software. This year the G5 bike will also be a good choice for users looking for a phone that costs 200 euros. But the truth is that many could be wrong to just buy the version that has this price. Why?

Moto G5

Maybe because there are two versions of mobile, both with the same screen, the same processor, same memory, the same camera and the same battery. And it has almost the same price. In fact one costs 200 euros and the other costs 210 euros. A difference of 5% only. What mobile should we buy? Indeed there is no doubt possible. The more expensive of the two. It comes with a price of just 210 euros and found the difference in RAM, which goes from 2 GB to 3 GB. This difference is really relevant and will play a key role in the performance of the smartphone, so if you are going to buy a G5 bike, do not hesitate to spend a little more, because it’s really very little more, and choose the latest version.

The difference you’ll notice when you run multiple applications, because the mobile will be able to continue to function smoothly despite the execution of applications.

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