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If this Easter going to travel with your pet, this app will help you

If this Easter going to travel, it is likely that you’re looking for someone who will care for your pet during your vacation. If this Holy week going to travel with your pet, you’ll be looking for sites where it is welcome. It is easy to find sites where accepted pets not always but there are and your mobile phone can help you find them.

Royal Canin pet food brand, has the app pets welcome. Now you can travel with your pet through this application that will tell you where you can enter and where not and will allow you to find alternative places close to those who thought to go with your pet. If you’re not travelling, it also serves. The application allows that you find in your city establishments ‘ Pet friendly’ in which they spend together these vacation days.

Viajar con mascotas

Pets Welcome

The application allows be used without creating a profile. It will ask you to the location of the phone and, once enabled, you will locate on the map. To the right of the screen, at the top, are three lines which become a drop-down menu in which you can click on “Search”. Once inside, you can choose by category.

Accommodation, bars and restaurants or public places are some of the interesting options if you travel with your pet during these holidays. You can search for properties near to your position or in a city or province determined you choose to plan your trip. Among the accommodations you will find different types and options: apartments, hotels, bed and breakfast, hostels, campsites…

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Once chosen where are going to sleep, you can also find restaurants and bars in the area in which you can go without leaving your pet at home. Also public places outdoors such as beaches or parks or establishments where your pet is welcome: libraries, footwear, fashion, etc.

If it is useful to plan it, or if, on the trip, it is necessary, the app also has a section to find professionals of the mascot. Hospitals and veterinary clinics, pet, hairdressers or residences, among other shops.

Mascotas bienvenidas

If you want to travel without your pet

Leave your pet at home, alone, without care or supervision, is never an option. If you can not travel with her (for any reason) and you can’t find anyone who care a few days, the application may also provide you support.

By clicking on the section on search and “pet professionals” you will have access to the option “residences”. Well if you want it near where you are or close from any other city, the app will show you homes and hotels that let the animal in good hands.

When select on the map the chosen residence, pets welcome shows you contact details, lto exact location and hours. You can also check relevant data at the time of the choice as to what type of pet you can leave there or some photos of the venue.Mascotas Bienvenidas

Your profile

If the application you find interesting and useful, you can create your profile. From the profile you can register your pet, add establishments such as Favorites or get gifts by the responsible brand.

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